What’s Here

This page describes the resources provided at this site. The resources are available through the menu at the top of every page.

This site intends to serve parents, pastors, teachers, professors of catechesis, and students of catechesis.

Blog. A blog with posts of articles, videos, audio, quotations, links to articles, pointers to resources, bulletin inserts, free digitized books, announcements of new resources added to this site, etc.

Reading Plans. Reading plans for personal and family settings. For examples: One Simple Weekly Catechism Reading Plan; and One Church-Year Catechism Reading Plan. Bulletin inserts for each of these are provided.

Parental Aids.  A list of aids for parents to teach the catechism, with links to where the aids are available.

Pastoral Catechesis. A listing of teaching materials developed by or for pastors to teach the catechism.

Bulletins & Inserts. This page provides links to church bulletins and bulletin inserts that in some fashion either set text of the Small Catechism or the Large Catechism before congregations and children, or otherwise promote the use of the Catechism.

Bibliography. A bibliography of works about Luther’s catechisms, parental responsibility, home catechization, pastoral catechesis, and related topics. This bibliography includes the entries by Professor John T. Pless for his courses in catechesis, and additional entries added by LutheranCatechism.com.

Document Library. A collection of articles and other documents hosted on the site itself to make getting a copy convenient.

Memory Cards.  Free file downloads that let anyone make Small Catechism Memory Cards.

Editor’s Articles.  A linked list of articles by the Editor of LutheranCatechism.com about the Catechism.

Resource Links. A list of external links to online and media resources such as the online Book of Concord, Small Catechism, Large Catechism, CPH Online Luther’s Small Catechism, CPH Luther’s Small Catechism mobile app in iTunes and Google Play, Lessons from Luther (audio of Small Catechism), LibriVox audio of Small Catechism, Sing the Faith: The Small Catechism Set to Music (audio CD, Mp3s, and songbook), and the Brothers of John the Steadfast videos on the Small Catechism.