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Power Point File — “Reformation Catechesis: Then & Now,” John T. Pless at 2016 BJS Conference

You can get the Power Point of the presentation, “Reformation Catechesis: Then & Now,” by Dr. John T. Pless at the 2016 Brothers of John the Steadfast Conference held this weekend in Tomball, Texas as a file in two Facebook groups.

For a sampling, see the post, Catechesis Quotes from John T. Pless at 2016 BJS Conference.



Catechesis Quotes from John T. Pless at 2016 BJS Conference

John T Pless at 2016 BJS ConferenceQuotations from John T. Pless speaking at the 2016 Brothers of John the Steadfast Conference in Tomball, Texas, as reported by Cafe’ Sola on Facebook.

“The small Catechism has been influential in bringing whole congregations into the Lutheran faith.”

“Even non Lutherans were using the Small Catechism for mission work!”

“A full 1/4th of the Lutheran pastors were dismissed after the (Saxon) visitation.”

“There is rhyme and reason to why Luther structured the Catechism the way he did, starting with the 10 Commandments.”

“Where is the faith transmitted? In God’s own small group, the family!”

“The antinomian controversy … it started in 1520, and it hasn’t ended yet!”

John T. Pless Bibliography for Catechetics

It takes a lot of work to create a proper bibliography. It is not like creating a phone book, which is an uninspired alphabetization of simple facts that are non-selective.

A proper bibliography is selective. Where theology is involved, some bibliographies might need to, in effect, take sides or hold to a position. Others might need to do that, but also include references to some material with which the bibliography creator significantly disagrees, in order to show issues and error, the better to bring clarity to the truth.

Factors like those, and many more, make creating a proper bibliography for catechetics a creative and labor intensive enterprise. That’s why it is no small thing that Professor John T. Pless has donated his Bibliography for Catechetics to the readers and visitors of this blog. This donation is an act of real generosity. You can download it here.

We also have added 73 references from Dr. Pless’ bibliography that we did not already have to Lutheran Catechism’s Bibliography. Our bibliography links to copies of a number of the listed sources, either in our Document Library, or on external websites. Over the course of this year, we hope to keep linking from the Bibliography and adding to the Document Library to make it handy for you to access this body of literature.