Reading Plans

This page provides links to a variety of reading plans for personal and family settings.

There is no one size that fits all. The plan,” One Simple Weekly Catechism Reading Plan,” may be suitable for personal reading by heads of families and adults, but for family readings with young children, it might bite off too much per session. For that situation, spreading the catechism over a longer period might work better.

If you have reading plans for using the Small Catechism in the home, would you consider sharing them? Email the editor. If we can provide a variety of ready-made plans, each person and each family can chose the one most suitable for them. It is not important which plan people use. What is important is that they have a plan, and that it is a plan they actually will use because it suits their situation.

A pastor who saw a discussion of that weekly plan wrote saying why, although he used a whole chief part per day in his private devotions, it was a bit much in the family setting. A whole chief part was too much for the young age of his daughter. He devised a schedule spreading out Small Catechism readings over the course of the church year.