Parental Aids

A list of aids for parents to teach the catechism.

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Memory Cards Small Catechism Memory Cards. See the Memory Cards page on this website.

God Hears Me Pray

God Hears Me Pray — Free Prayer Folder for Children

On My Heart

A beautiful tool to help parents with the duty to bring up their children, as Luther said, “above all things in the fear and knowledge of God,” is On My Heart, a Lutheran memory work program. This is nifty. What’s more, it is free. had to spread the word about this jewel, so we invited Amanda Moldstad to contribute a Guest Post. Thank you, Amanda, for this outstanding gift to the Church and home, and for the Guest Post.

Color the Catechism

This coloring book is designed with families and schools in mind. It was designed to give parents and teachers a teaching aid by which to begin their children’s catechetical instruction at an early age. The pictures are simple to color and full of meaning. As the children color the pictures, the images will stick in their minds. This can be useful for parents or teachers so that learning can continue even when the book is not present.

Color the Catechism

Color the Catechism Teaching Guide

Coloring the Catechism CD with Copyright Permissions

Catechism Lapbooks

Thanks to Haleigh Morgan, administrator of the Facebook group, Catechumens for Life, for this Guest Post. By request, she shares with us this wonderful way of learning the Catechism, using lapbooks. After explaining lapbooks and how they can be used to teach the Small Catechism, we are treated to a photo gallery of some Catechism lapbooks.

Lord’s Prayer Ribbons

Facebook group member Melissa Sutton has a creative method for teaching her young son the Lord’s Prayer. When I first saw this video, I thought, “That is as slick as greased lightning! Why haven’t I ever seen that before?” — Resources for nurturing the faith in the home. is a website run by Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod Pastors Philip Hoppe and Dan Galchutt with the desire to help believers live out the Christian Life at Home.

See blog post for details.

Family Altar Board — Catechism, church year, lectionary text, & hymns, on a simple whiteboard

See blog post where Dr. Ryan C. MacPherson, Ph.D. kindly gives his permission to provide readers here with an excerpt from his wife Marie’s article about a brilliant idea, The Family Altar Board.

My First Catechism

Introduce children to the teachings of Martin Luther with My First Catechism: An Illustrated Version of Luther’s Small Catechism. This keepsake-quality book uses accounts of biblical characters joined with engaging artwork to help children relate the meaning of the Commandments, Creeds, Lord’s Prayer, and more to their lives. Written in kid-friendly language, this book will urge children ages 6-10 to learn more about their Lutheran faith.

Reinforce biblical lessons from My First Catechism with engaging activities in the My First Catechism Activity Book. Answers for activities can be found in the My First Catechism Activity Book Answer Key.

Catechism Bible Illustrations

This is a table of Bible illustrations to help parents, teachers, and pastors illuminate truths taught in the Small Catechism.

Part 1 – The Ten Commandments

Part 2 – The Creed

Part 2a – The First Article
Part 2b – The Second Article
Part 2c – The Third Article

Part 3 – The Lord’s Prayer

Part 4a – Baptism

Part 4b – Confession and Keys