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Prayer Book – “Pray for Children”

Prayer Folder – “God Hears Me Pray”

Book of Concord

The Small Catechism

The Large Catechism

CPH Online Luther’s Small Catechism

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ELS Online Luther’s Small Catechism

CPH Luther’s Small Catechism Mobile App

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Sing the Faith: The Small Set to Music

Audio CD | Mp3s | Songbook

ELS Explanation

An Explanation of Dr. Martin Luther’s Small Catechism
Website of Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lake Havasu, Arizona

Lessons from Luther (audio of Small Catechism) | Pack of 10

LibriVox Audio, Small Catechism read by Jonathan Lange

Brothers of John the Steadfast Videos on the Small Catechism

The Higher Things Video Catechism

Catechesis for Life: Catechism (2014)

A 42-part series on Luther’s Small Catechism, each featuring a mini study by Pastor John Wollenburg Sias and excerpts from Luther’s Large Catechism.

This is a series developed by Pastor Sias with the aim of encouraging the congregation in weekly engagement with the doctrine of the faith. Its aim is to cover the Catechism and Liturgy and then add more “modules.” These are provided for evaluation and use, personal or congregational. Pastor Sias welcomes feedback, corrections, and suggestions at the e-mail address listed at the bottom of linked page.

An Explanation of the Small Catechism, by Joseph Stump, Project Wittenberg PDF