Mission and the Small Catechism: Aspects of the Connection, and Realities to Face

The connection between mission and the Small Catechism has a number of aspects. Some of them are: state of catechesis marriage family congregation community generations Some realities we need to face are that: The state of catechesis is poor. We are suffering a death rate among our own offspring who, after being confirmed, depart the … Read more

“Every One His Witness” and the Small Catechism

Rev. Mark Wood, Director of Witness & Outreach Ministry/Revitalization, Office of National Mission–LCMS, reports in the 2016 LCMS Convention Workbook about the role of the Small Catechism in the program. Here are some brief excerpts, from page 25. Every One His Witness was developed from the ground up as a Lutheran evangelism program. . . … Read more