Videos — Luther House of Study begins Catechism Video Series

The Luther House of Study has begun a set of videos on the Catechism. So far they have produced videos on the first five commandments. The videos are distributed on the internet via Vimeo. Anyone can access them free of charge. To see the list of catechism videos, click here. To learn more about the Luther House … Read more

Guest Post – Bob Myers Intro to Video, Nestingen on “The Catechism as handbook for the Christian’s worship, prayer, and calling”

Editor’s Note: When I saw Bob Myers sharing this video on Facebook, I wanted to provide an introduction and promo for it here but did not have the time. Bob graciously agreed to do this for me, and Got ‘Er Done  the same day. Thanks Bob! Bob is retired from the U. S. Navy and the … Read more

Video – Mom leads young children in closing of daily devotions – Creed, Lord’s Prayer, Reading, and Morning Prayer

This is a third video of home devotions by our Facebook group member, Melissa Sutton. The three videos together illustrate a complete home devotion in the morning The first video showed the opening of daily devotions. The second video showed memory work, with mom helping two young children memorize the Third Article of the Creed, … Read more

Video – Mom helps young children memorize Third Article, Lord’s Prayer Introduction & 1st Petition

This is another encouraging video of home catechization provided to us by our Facebook group member, Melissa Sutton. In this video, we see that young children can learn to memorize the Catechism. A very young boy recites the Third Article and its meaning. He and his older sister recite the Introduction of the Lord’s Prayer, … Read more

Video – Mom leads two young children in opening of daily devotions – “Hey, I can do that!”

For many of us, video is such a good way to learn not only how to do things, but more basically, that we can do it. The thought of fixing our home’s propane furnace intimidated me. But we have YouTube. Seeing it done did two things for me: 1.   It got me over the psychological … Read more

Videos — “The Catechized Life” with the Rev. Dr. Pastor Matt Richard, for Higher Things

Below in this blog we present video of teaching by Pastor Matt Richard titled, “The Catechized Life,” but first, a little introduction, and information about Pastor Matt. The Lutheran Church receives as gifts from Christ many fine pastor-teachers. I know this from Scripture and experience. Scripture tells us that it is Christ who gives us … Read more