— Resources for nurturing the faith in the home.

We are blessed to have the following introduction to a valuable resource for nurturing the faith in the home. At our request, Pastor Philip Hoppe writes: is a website run by two Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod pastors, myself and Pr. Dan Galchutt, who desire to help believers live out the Christian Life at Home. We suggest … Read more

Catechism Prayer Page — Brilliant, Simple, Fatherly. From Member Erich Heidenreich

After Morning Prayer with Marilyn and three of our grandchildren, Signe, Brynja, and Garrick (Gunny), this morning, I came to our Facebook group, and waiting for us all was this dear gift from one of our members, Erich Heidenreich. Erich gave permission to post it here on the website blog. We present here: Erich’s explanation Erich’s text PDF of … Read more

One Church-Year Catechism Reading Plan

Previously this site presented “One Simple Weekly Catechism Reading Plan.” We also offered a bulletin insert for promoting that plan. When one pastor saw that plan discussed on Facebook, he sent a private message. He said he liked that weekly plan and that in his own private devotions, he too covered a chief part of … Read more

One Simple Catechism Reading Plan

Luther kept reading the Small Catechism every day. It is a prayer book and a meditation book and a life book. It keeps offering more for prayer, meditation, and living. It comes to us in daily life, when we know it well, frequently think on it, and pray from it. There are many good reading plans for … Read more