Catechism Bible Illustrations — Part 4b — Confession and Keys

This is a table of Bible illustrations to help parents, teachers, and pastors illuminate truths taught in the Small Catechism. Links to parts: Part 1 – The Ten Commandments Part 2a – The First Article of the Creed Part 2b – The Second Article of the Creed Part 2c – The Third Article of the Creed Part … Read more

“Say It!” Says the Little Girl — by Pastor Ryan Loeslie

Editor’s Note:  The following is a guest article by Rev. Ryan Loeslie, Pastor at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Merna, Nebraska. Most Lutherans who went through junior high confirmation class at one time in their lives are familiar with Luther’s famous question from his Small Catechism, “What does this mean?”  Sadly, this is all many remember.  But at the … Read more

Faith Enduring Attack: The Catechism as Field Manual for Discipleship, New Resource from John T. Pless

What are we trying to do? Fix the church, like Evangelicals? Fix the world, like Mainline Protestants? Are we trying to make disciples, as Jesus commanded? If so, let’s recall, “Discipleship is catechetical.” The Catechism is many things. It is a whetstone, a compass, a theological Swiss army knife, a life book, and a summary … Read more

Pr Mark Surburg’s Catechism challenge: From memorization, to heart, to part of us.

Pastor Mark Surburg has written a great article for his congregation’s August newsletter that we can preview on his blog. The article launches a challenge to the congregation to learn by heart the Small Catechism, and an explanation of the benefits this brings. This includes memorization, of course, but uses memorization to go on to … Read more