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Holy Week Illustrated in Lego and Duplo

Facebook group member Hildegunn Sofie Fjellnes Johansson kindly provides the following photographs that show how she and her children use Legos and Duplos to illustrate Holy Week.

She writes, “With Lego we can tell the whole story without all the blood (compared to many YouTube videos).”

She and Pastor KM Andreas Johansson live in Stockholm and have four children ages 6, 5, 3-1/2 years old,  and the baby 11 months.

She writes, “We built Palm Sunday in half an hour, in Lego. Last supper and Gethsemane we did in Lego Duplo, also in 30 min I think. Good Friday took a couple of hours as the baby was awake and would like to help. We played the story and changed the scenes according to the different days of Holy Week.”

This activity teaches young children basic Bible stories that prepare them to understand the Second Article of the Creed.









Lent and the Catechisms — Pastor Joseph Abrahamson’s Article (and more)

It is 12 days to Ash Wednesday. Lent is almost upon us. What has this to do with Luther’s Catechisms?


Lent is an excellent time for reviewing the Six Chief Parts of Christian Doctrine. Pastor Joe Abrahamson, Faith Lutheran Church, Clara City, Minnesota authored an excellent article about this, titled “Luther’s Small Catechism and Lent,” Published at Brothers of John the Steadfast.

Pastor Abrahamson writes:

Our general outline for this yearly practice is as follows:

  • Ash Wednesday: The Ten Commandments-The Law Of God
  • Lent 1 Wednesday: The Creed-The Gospel of God
  • Lent 2 Wednesday: The Lord’s Prayer-The Response of Faith
  • Lent 3 Wednesday: The Sacrament of Baptism
  • Lent 4 Wednesday: The Office of the Keys and Confession
  • Lent 5 Wednesday: The Sacrament of the Altar
  • Maundy Thursday: Christian Questions and Answers

His approach recognizes and conveys:

  • The Structure of the Catechism and Teaching
  • How the Parts Work Together
  • The “What” of the Christian Faith
  • The “How” and “Where” of the Christian Faith
  • The Application to Our Lives

Head on over to his article at Brothers of John the Steadfast to see how Pastor Abrahamson develops these thoughts.

Keep watching because in the near future we also will be pointing to video teaching of the Small Catechism by Pastor Abrahamson.

For the Large Catechism, remember that provides without charge bulletin inserts for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter that present readings from Luther’s Large Catechism. See the blog post, “Free ! –– Bulletin Inserts — Large Catechism Readings for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter,” explaining those inserts and providing links to download the printer-ready PDFs.

Free ! –– Bulletin Inserts — Large Catechism Readings for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter provides without charge bulletin inserts for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter that present readings from Luther’s Large Catechism. The selections are edited from the Meissner schedule for the one-year lectionary. Simply download and print the inserts.

Links to the collection of inserts are listed below in this post, but first here is an explanation of the selections.

Rev. Craig A. Meissner, Pastor, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Steger, Illinois, created “Large Catechism Readings for the One-Year Lectionary (LSB),” 2013. The selections are good.

The size of the portions selected for a given day in Pastor Meissner’s schedule varies. Often the selections fill a whole bulletin, not just an insert. In some settings, that is more than parishioners would read. Many people would pass over something entirely that, at a glance, strikes them as too much.

Where that is not a problem, I recommend bulletins Rev. Erich R. Fickel, Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Chesterton, Indiana, prepared following Rev. Meissner’s schedule. Those bulletins use Rev. Meissner’s complete selections for a given day. They are distributed on the website of Emmanuel Press.

The ones provided here by offer an option for settings in which  content needs to be limited to an insert, thinking it is better that people read part of Meissner’s selection rather than none of it.

I began with Rev. Meissner’s schedule and looked for ways to reduce the size, such as by removing paragraphs that reiterated in different language points made elsewhere in the selections for the day. In a distressing number of cases, I had to simply choose between paragraphs solely for the sake of controlling size, according to what I thought would bear the most significance to readers.

I welcome feedback about how to improve the selections, formatting, and presentation of the material. [ Contact by Email ]  Meissner’s schedule fulfills the whole year, and if the ones already completed prove to have value, I will work to gradually prepare the ones for the rest of the year. The listing will be maintained at the Bulletins & Inserts page of this site.

The text is from Triglot Concordia at, except that I updated the language of the Commandments following the The 2010 Sola/ReClaim Edition of Luther’s Small Catechism.

Here is the collection for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter:

Ash Wednesday
Lent 1 – Invocabit
Lent 2 – Reminiscere
Lent 3 – Oculi
Lent 4 – Laetare
Lent 5 – Judica
Palm Sunday – Palmarum
Maundy Thursday
Good Friday
Holy Saturday (Easter Vigil)
Easter – The Resurrection of Our Lord