Luther’s Struggle and Breakthrough in the Third Article

“With respect to the Third Article, Luther struggled long and hard to find a simple catechetical term for what is confessed therein about the Holy Spirit.”  Albrecht Peters, (trans. Thomas Trapp), Commentary on Luther’s Catechisms: Creed, (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 2011), p. 34. At a first reading, the third article seems to have a number … Read more

Luther deliberately reorganized the creedal material to concentrate on the saving work of the Triune God for us — Charles P. Arand

Luther deliberately reorganized the creedal material, without altering the wording, by reducing the twelve articles (corresponding to the twelve apostles) common in the late Middle Ages to the three articles common in the early church. More than a desire for historical accuracy on Luther’s part accounts for this rearrangement. He wanted to concentrate the catechumen’s … Read more