Pr Mark Surburg’s Catechism challenge: From memorization, to heart, to part of us.

Pastor Mark Surburg has written a great article for his congregation’s August newsletter that we can preview on his blog. The article launches a challenge to the congregation to learn by heart the Small Catechism, and an explanation of the benefits this brings. This includes memorization, of course, but uses memorization to go on to … Read more

Mission and the Small Catechism: Aspects of the Connection, and Realities to Face

The connection between mission and the Small Catechism has a number of aspects. Some of them are: state of catechesis marriage family congregation community generations Some realities we need to face are that: The state of catechesis is poor. We are suffering a death rate among our own offspring who, after being confirmed, depart the … Read more

Cooperative Catechesis (Parents and Pastors), by Rev. Phil Booe, Winkel Presentation at Hudson, New York

So you missed the winkel. No need to miss the presentation. Rev. Phil Booe, has kindly provided his selected excerpts from his doctoral dissertation, “Cooperative Catechesis: A Model for Equipping Lutheran Parents and Pastors to Catechize Children in the Christian Faith,” prepared for the March 16, 2016 winkel at Hudson New York. Learn about parents … Read more

Cooperative Catechesis: Equipping Parents and Pastors to Catechize Children in the Christian Faith, Rev. Phil Booe

Following is the Oral Defense Opening Statement defending the doctoral dissertation of Rev. Phil Booe. COOPERATIVE CATECHESIS: A MODEL FOR EQUIPPING LUTHERAN PARENTS AND PASTORS TO CATECHIZE CHILDREN IN THE CHRISTIAN FAITH Rev. Phil Booe Oral Defense Opening Statement In the Lutheran Church, as in many liturgical Christian traditions, there exists the practice of Confirmation. … Read more

Guest Post – Green Light Pre-Confirmation Curriculum, by Kim Halvorson

Editor’s Note: Facebook group member Leif Halvorson uploaded to the files area of the group the Green Light pre-confirmation curriculum that he and his wife, Kim Halvorson, developed for their congregation. The curriculum now has been uploaded to this site also, and you can access it here. Leif and Kim both are certified teaches and … Read more