Unified Congregational Catechesis — Printer Ready, Aesthetically Pleasing

You have got to see this to believe it. Simply amazing. Pastor Michael Mohr, Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, Strasburg, Illinois (LCMS) has developed a complete program of congregational catechesis. This is a coordinated approach for the whole congregation. In this program, youth are not over in one mind while adults are somewhere else in another mind. … Read more

Free ! –– Bulletin Inserts — Large Catechism Readings for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter

LutheranCatechism.com provides without charge bulletin inserts for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter that present readings from Luther’s Large Catechism. The selections are edited from the Meissner schedule for the one-year lectionary. Simply download and print the inserts. Links to the collection of inserts are listed below in this post, but first here is an explanation … Read more

“Catechism Corner” (and more) in Weekly Children’s Bulletins (One Year Lectionary)

Lessons For Lambs These are mentioned here because of the “Catechism Corner” that each contains, and the rest of each bulletin also is, well, frankly, amazing. Consider how this Catechism Corner puts the Catechism before little children each week, and how it shows parents the ease of using little portions of the Catechism. Lessons for Lambs … Read more