Category Archives: Bibliography Seeks Volunteer Research Assistants is seeking volunteer research assistants to assist with enhancing the resources it provides.

Three priority projects are:

  1. Advising on the best bibliographic style to use for’s Bibliography and Document Library.
  2. Editing the existing Bibliography and Document Library to conform all entries to the chosen bibliographic style.
  3. Searching for public domain copies of documents cited in the Bibliography but not yet included in the Document Library, for addition to the Document Library.

Useful skills include:

  1. Knowledge and proficiency in bibliographic styles.
  2. Knowledge of sources and research methods for retrieval of copies of cited works.
  3. Basic familiarity with copyright for recognition of when a copy of a work is in the public domain.
  4. Editing of documents in either word processing or HTML form, with rudimentary understanding of styles in word processors or Cascading Style Sheets in HTML.

These are voluntary positions. No economic, financial, or remunerative compensation is offered. The work of selected assistants will be acknowledged, however, on, and it could be referenced on resumes.

Interested persons may contact the Editor of at trh at midrivers dot com. In addition to expressing interest, helpful information to include is:

  • basic educational background
  • background in bibliographic, research, or library
  • interest in Luther’s catechisms


John T. Pless Bibliography for Catechetics

It takes a lot of work to create a proper bibliography. It is not like creating a phone book, which is an uninspired alphabetization of simple facts that are non-selective.

A proper bibliography is selective. Where theology is involved, some bibliographies might need to, in effect, take sides or hold to a position. Others might need to do that, but also include references to some material with which the bibliography creator significantly disagrees, in order to show issues and error, the better to bring clarity to the truth.

Factors like those, and many more, make creating a proper bibliography for catechetics a creative and labor intensive enterprise. That’s why it is no small thing that Professor John T. Pless has donated his Bibliography for Catechetics to the readers and visitors of this blog. This donation is an act of real generosity. You can download it here.

We also have added 73 references from Dr. Pless’ bibliography that we did not already have to Lutheran Catechism’s Bibliography. Our bibliography links to copies of a number of the listed sources, either in our Document Library, or on external websites. Over the course of this year, we hope to keep linking from the Bibliography and adding to the Document Library to make it handy for you to access this body of literature.