Bulletins & Inserts

This page provides links to church bulletins and bulletin inserts that in some fashion:

  • set text of the Small Catechism or the Large Catechism before congregations and children
  • otherwise promote the use of the Catechism

Ones by LutheranCatechism.com

A Simple Weekly Catechism Reading Plan

Church-Year Catechism Reading Plan

Large Catechism Readings

Rev. Craig A. Meissner, Pastor, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Steger, Illinois, created “Large Catechism Readings for the One-Year Lectionary (LSB),” 2013.  Rev. Eric Fickel, Chesterton, Indiana, prepared bulletins following Rev. Meissner’s schedule. Those bulletins are distributed on the website of Emmanuel Press. The schedule is good and the bulletins are good.

In some settings, the content is more than parishioners might actually read, and because of that, they might read little to none, just passing over something that, at a glance, seems like too much. Where this is not a problem, I recommend using the bulletins at Emmanuel Press. The ones presented here provide an option for settings in which the content needs to be limited to an insert.

I began with Rev. Meissner’s schedule and looked for ways to reduce the size, such as by removing paragraphs that reiterated in different language points made elsewhere in the selections for that day.

The text is from Triglot Concordia at BookOfConcord.org, except that I updated the language of the Commandments following the The 2010 Sola/ReClaim Edition of Luther’s Small Catechism.

Ash Wednesday
Lent 1 – Invocabit
Lent 2 – Reminiscere
Lent 3 – Oculi
Lent 4 – Laetare
Lent 5 – Judica
Palm Sunday – Palmarum
Maundy Thursday
Good Friday
Holy Saturday
Easter – The Resurrection of Our Lord

Ones From Others

Emmanuel Press — Large Catechism readings according to the Church Year, 1-year lectionary

Heidi Sias – A MUST SEE, Lessons for Lambs children’s bulletin that follows the one-year historic lectionary, that includes in each bulletin, “Catechism Corner” There is nothing else like this for children. See blog post describing it.

Pastor Michael Mohr – Catechesis bulletin inserts that coordinate with a complete program of educating a congregation’s  youth and refreshing its adults in the Biblical truth summarized in the Small Catechism of Dr. Martin Luther. The whole set of program materials is also available from the same page.