“Child and Pupil of the Catechism” by Rev Robert E. Smith

Editor’s Note: Rev Robert E. Smith is building a wonderful online collection of brief messages sharing the Christian faith in an organized way. His website is named for the question in Luther’s Catechism, “What is it” or “What does this mean.” By his gracious “Permission granted to copy, share and display freely for non-commercial purposes,” … Read more

Baptism and Righteousness – Sermon by Pr Rolf Preus

The Baptism of our Lord (Quinquagesima Sunday) February 11, 2018 “Baptism and Righteousness” St. Matthew 3: 13-17 Then Jesus came from Galilee to John at the Jordan to be baptized by him. And John tried to prevent Him, saying, “I need to be baptized by You, and are You coming to me?” But Jesus answered … Read more

Do You Want Wonder at Christmas? Read this Book !!

It’s embarrassing, an embarrassment of riches. My parents had a book of Dennis the Menace single-frame comics. One showed Dennis awash in a sea of Christmas presents he’d ripped open. Standing by were his Mom and Dad, each with one small gift that you know they gave each other, being unnoticed by anyone else. Sitting … Read more

Free — ELCE 2016 Small Catechism Memory Cards — Three Formats

LutheranCatechism.com announces the eleventh release of Small Catechism Memory Cards. This release uses the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England 2016 Reformation Anniversary Edition of Luther’s Small Catechism. This free resource lets anyone print cards, each containing a portion of Luther’s Small Catechism to use as a memorization aid, for teaching children, or for meditation and … Read more

Freeing the Catechism in English !!

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England. These loving people are giving away “the layman’s little Bible”—Luther’s Small Catechism— in English as a gift to English-speaking Christianity. The ELCE has published its Reformation Anniversary Edition of Luther’s Small Catechism. It has distributed it on the internet at TheSmallCatechism.org, saying: … Read more

Fathers, Teach God’s Word to Your Children – Pr Rolf Preus

Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from the pastoral newsletter from Pastor Rolf Preus to his congregations for July/August 2017. Fathers: God has made you the head of your home. Your wife didn’t elect you and you didn’t appoint yourself. This is God’s doing. Moses’ words to the fathers in Israel (Deuteronomy 6:6-7) and … Read more

Review of Luther’s Catechism Comes to America, by James S. Hamre

Hamre, J.S. (1984) ‘Luther’s Catechism Comes to America: Theological Effects on the Issues of the Small Catechism Prepared In or For America Prior to 1850. By Repp Arthur C., Metuchen Sr., New Jersey: Scarecrow Press, 1982. American Theological Library Association Monograph Series 18. xiv + 297 pp.’, Church History, 53(1), p. 144. doi: 10.2307/3166041. Luther’s … Read more

Catechism Bible Illustrations — Part 4b — Confession and Keys

This is a table of Bible illustrations to help parents, teachers, and pastors illuminate truths taught in the Small Catechism. Links to parts: Part 1 – The Ten Commandments Part 2a – The First Article of the Creed Part 2b – The Second Article of the Creed Part 2c – The Third Article of the Creed Part … Read more

Catechism: Handbook for Persecution

In the Facebook group Didache, Dr. Pless has uploaded a powerful article. “Luther’s Small Catechism is a multipurposed tool. Not only is it a brief summary of Christian doctrine and a guide to the Christian’s life of prayer and vocation in the world, it is also a book of comfort. It anchors hearts and minds … Read more