Free — ELCE 2016 Small Catechism Memory Cards — Three Formats announces the eleventh release of Small Catechism Memory Cards. This release uses the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England 2016 Reformation Anniversary Edition of Luther’s Small Catechism.

This free resource lets anyone print cards, each containing a portion of Luther’s Small Catechism to use as a memorization aid, for teaching children, or for meditation and prayer. Simply download the free PDF file containing the cards, then print and separate the cards.

At present provides this translation of the Small Catechism in three formats:

The cards have been prepared using standard Avery templates for the paper form factor (8½ x 11 inches) and card form factors (5½ x 4¼ inches and 3 x 5 inches). This lets a user purchase readily available pre-perforated card stock for easy separation of the cards. The files also can be printed onto any 8½ x 11 inches card stock for cutting with paper cutters, scissors, shears, or other tools.

The postcard size was created using the Avery 5919 Postcards template, but it also prints well onto other Avery pre-perforated cards stock for postcards 5½ x 4¼ inches. We had some Avery 8387 card stock left over from a project, and the 5919-formated cards printed well on that stock. The index card format prints well onto Avery 5388 and similar 3 x 5, three-cards-up pre-perforated card stock. is working on another format that will conform to paper and card form factors used outside the United States. This will make the cards useful in the entire English-speaking world.

Previously, released Small Catechism Memory Cards in ten different translations. The translations are (in reverse chronological order of translation dates):

  • 2010 Sola Publishing / ReClaim Resources
  • 2007 AFLC-Ambassador Publications
  • 2004 Robert E. Smith
  • 2001 ELS
  • 1999 Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
  • 1992 CLBA-Faith & Fellowship
  • 1979 NPH-WELS
  • 1956 NPH-WELS “Gausewitz”
  • 1921 Triglot English
  • 1912 Synodical Conference

This resource is distributed on’s website on its Memory Cards page, listed in the menu at the top of every page on the website.

Example of question side of duplex cards

Example of answer side of duplex cards

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