Amazon Distributes Paperback Edition of Catechetical Evangelism in the Newspaper

Previously available only as an eBook, Catechetical Evangelism in the Newspaper now is available as a paperback from Amazon. Because of costs of production and the mandatory terms of distribution through Amazon, this edition has a price, currently $3.59. But, the good news is that it qualifies for Amazon Prime, which means shipping is free. All but one of the eBook editions still are free, and the Kindle Edition on Amazon is $0.99, or $0.00 with KindleUnlimited.


Evangelism springs from Luther’s Small Catechism into the newspaper. This book shares from the author’s experiences in writing religion articles published in his local newspaper. It presents ideas about catechetical evangelism and newspaper evangelism. It explains an approach to writing catechetical newspaper articles and includes three dozen of the author’s published articles as examples of the approach.



Evangelism and the Small Catechism
– Reformation of the Catechism
– Evangelical Even Where Not Expected
– Throbbing with Genius; Ready to Give an Answer

Newspaper Evangelism
– Fountain of Ideas
– Have Something to Say
– Welcome Your New Friend: the Word Limit
– Wisdom Cries Out in the Street
– Interest and Illustration
– Inspiration and Perspiration
– Confessional Fidelity

Example Newspaper Articles
– Christ’s State of Humiliation
– Christ’s State of Exaltation
– Trinity
– Baptism

For a description of the various eBooks formats and a linked list of distributors of Catechetical Evangelism in the Newspaper as an eBook, click here.

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