It always brings something fresh

No pious heart can find it tiresome and superfluous if they read [the catechism] through each day and take part of it and say it aloud and meditate on it. When they do that with serious, diligent consideration, it will always bring fresh teaching, fresh warnings, fresh admonition, and fresh comfort. Thus the dear catechism is like … Read more

Faith Enduring Attack: The Catechism as Field Manual for Discipleship, New Resource from John T. Pless

What are we trying to do? Fix the church, like Evangelicals? Fix the world, like Mainline Protestants? Are we trying to make disciples, as Jesus commanded? If so, let’s recall, “Discipleship is catechetical.” The Catechism is many things. It is a whetstone, a compass, a theological Swiss army knife, a life book, and a summary … Read more