Oil Pipeline Protests, a First Grader, and the Small Catechism

You might have heard about the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline. It is a pipeline to transport oil through the Dakotas. There are major protests against it. One of the complaints is about danger to water quality. The protests have gotten out of hand. Consequently it is in the news every day in the Dakotas.

My son, Cedric Halvorson, lives in Bowbells, North Dakota. He was scrolling past a NoDAPL story with a picture of protesters holding signs that said, “Water equals life.”

His first grade son, Jayden, saw it. This conversation ensued.

Jayden:  “Dad, don’t they know they’re wrong?”

Cedric (not wanting to get into the muddy details of this story with a 6 year old): “How’s that Jay?”

Jayden:  “It’s not the water that that equals life, Dad. It’s the water WITH the Word … duh!”

The catechized life!

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