Luther Urging Cooperation by Parents in Catechization

VIII. Luther’s Efforts at Restoring Catechetical Instruction. 90. Cooperation of Parents Urged by Luther. Friedrich Bente, Historical Introductions to the Symbolical Books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church,  (Public Domain, Kindle Locations 2677-2734). In order to bring the instruction of the young into vogue, Luther saw that church, school, and home must needs cooperate. The home … Read more

How Can We Expect Baptism to Work?

The first time my Dad sent me out seeding alone, a feeling of pessimism overcame me. That night I said, “How can we expect a green, leafy, lush crop from this? We are dropping dry seed through dead iron machinery into dirt.” He said, “It’s made to work.” That gave me something to think about. … Read more