Pr Mark Surburg’s Catechism challenge: From memorization, to heart, to part of us.

Pastor Mark Surburg has written a great article for his congregation’s August newsletter that we can preview on his blog. The article launches a challenge to the congregation to learn by heart the Small Catechism, and an explanation of the benefits this brings. This includes memorization, of course, but uses memorization to go on to … Read more

How Can We Talk Person-to-Person with God?

God is the Father with whom man can and should speak person to person. Man can do it on the basis of what is given to him in the gospel. Herbert Girgensohn, Teaching Luther’s Catechism, John W. Doberstein, trans. (Philadelhia: Muhlenberg Press, 1959), p. 5.

Videos — Luther House of Study begins Catechism Video Series

The Luther House of Study has begun a set of videos on the Catechism. So far they have produced videos on the first five commandments. The videos are distributed on the internet via Vimeo. Anyone can access them free of charge. To see the list of catechism videos, click here. To learn more about the Luther House … Read more