AFLC — Ambassador Publications Version of Small Catechism Memory Cards

Previously, released Small Catechism Memory Cards in ten different translations. The translations are: 1979 NPH-WELS 1956 NPH-WELS “Gausewitz” 2001 ELS 2010 Sola Publishing / ReClaim Resources 1992 CLBA-Faith & Fellowship 1999 Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland 2004 Robert E. Smith 1912 Synodical Conference 1921 Triglot English Today, releases Small Catechism Memory Cards in an eleventh translation, … Read more

Law, Gospel, and Prayer

Law, gospel, and prayer are the chief elements of the Christian faith according to the Scriptures. Luther calls the law and the gospel the “arguments,” that is, the fundamentals necessary for an understanding of the Scriptures; they represent the real content of the Scriptures. The law and the gospel constitute the first two parts of … Read more

Fantastic-looking Conference – The Catechism as Guide to …

Return to Wittenberg (R2W) presents its 2016 conference titled, “What Does This Mean?” This conference will address questions such as: Why do we gather for worship every Sunday? I feel closer to God in nature than in a pew; do I really need to go to church? What is the point of repeating the same … Read more

From Font to Grave: Catechesis for the Lifelong Disciple

From Font to Grave: Catechesis for the Lifelong Disciple 27th Annual Theological Symposium, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis Sept. 20-21, 2016 “We have entered a millennium in which people claim to be spiritual but know next to nothing about religion. And the people in the pews are no exception. The rote way of confirmation ministry a … Read more

Mission: Inreach, Outreach, and the Small Catechism

President Matthew Harrison of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod speaks about 40 years of declining membership in the synod. In his President’s Report, 2016 Convention Workbook, pp. 2-3, he presents information from several demographic studies. As he says, the demographic information dispels myths with facts. An important piece of the demographic information is that … Read more