Enhanced Style of NPH-WELS Small Catechism Memory Cards — Kris Brown Designs

Previously, LutheranCatechism.com released Small Catechism Memory Cards in eight different translations. The translations are:

Today, LutheranCatechism.com releases another style of the NPH-WELS cards.

This style has:

The previously released 1979 NPH-WELS cards were standard size 3″ x 5″ index cards with both the question and the answer for each portion of the Catechism on one side.

  • post card size
  • graphical design enhancements
  • questions on one side, answers on the other

These beautiful cards have been created by graphics designer, Kris Brown of Kris Brown Designs.

The post card sized style is distributed in two versions, one with cut lines and the other without cut lines, as the user might prefer.

These free resources let anyone print memory cards, each containing a portion of Luther’s Small Catechism, to use as a memorization aid, for teaching children, or for meditation and prayer. Simply download the free PDF file containing the cards from the distribution page, print the cards on letter size card stock, and cut four cards from each sheet. Remember to print them in duplex, two-sided printing, to put the questions on one side, and the answers on the other side.

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