Bob’s CPH Catechism Memory Cards

If you are a member of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Pensacola, Florida, and want Small Catechism memory cards that use the 1986 CPH text, you are in luck. Talk to Bob. He will give you a set.

While visiting Immanuel this past Palm Sunday, Bob Myers presented me with a set of his memory cards.

That Bob has created these cards for the congregation is one among many ways that the congregation vigorously teaches the Small Catechism. For example, in the photo of Bob here as he is presenting a set of the cards  to me, we were about to begin the Pastor’s class between the two services. At each seat in the class, there was a pamphlet that the congregation had printed containing the Small Catechism. The class began with reading a section from the Catechism, and then went on to the topic and material for that day.

Bob created his cards in a handy size, the same size as standard business cards.

He set them up for duplex printing, by which the questions are on one side of the cards and the answers are on the other side.

Because Bob’s cards have been created by him within the Immanuel congregation for use within that congregation, this is within the general license CPH grants to congregations to use the copyrighted text of the Small Catechism. So if you are a member of Immanuel, Bob is allowed to give you a set of his cards.

When you talk to Bob about to get a set of his cards, also ask him about Yshnog. He’ll be happy to give you a copy of that too. For that matter, anyone can get a copy of Yshnog.


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