Sudanese Anglicans and the Small Catechism

In his President’s Report in the 2016 LCMS Convention Workbook, p. 3, Rev. Synodical President Matthew C. Harrison reports Recently, we were visited by representatives of an Anglican church in South Sudan. We were shocked when they told us that their leaders have been studying Luther’s Small Catechism. They had been studying our website and … Read more

Cooperative Catechesis (Parents and Pastors), by Rev. Phil Booe, Winkel Presentation at Hudson, New York

So you missed the winkel. No need to miss the presentation. Rev. Phil Booe, has kindly provided his selected excerpts from his doctoral dissertation, “Cooperative Catechesis: A Model for Equipping Lutheran Parents and Pastors to Catechize Children in the Christian Faith,” prepared for the March 16, 2016 winkel at Hudson New York. Learn about parents … Read more

Bob’s CPH Catechism Memory Cards

If you are a member of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Pensacola, Florida, and want Small Catechism memory cards that use the 1986 CPH text, you are in luck. Talk to Bob. He will give you a set. While visiting Immanuel this past Palm Sunday, Bob Myers presented me with a set of his memory cards. … Read more

Enhanced Style of NPH-WELS Small Catechism Memory Cards — Kris Brown Designs

Previously, released Small Catechism Memory Cards in eight different translations. The translations are: 2010 Sola Publishing / ReClaim Resources 1979 NPH-WELS 2001 ELS 1992 CLBA-Faith & Fellowship 2004 Robert E. Smith 1999 Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland 1912 Synodical Conference 1921 Triglot English Today, releases another style of the NPH-WELS cards. This style has: The … Read more

Guest Post — We Love What We Know, by Haleigh Morgan

I had an occasion to use this maxim today: “We love what we know.” Thinking myself somewhat original, I had forgotten that Aldous Huxley had once said almost the same thing. Or maybe Huxley and I just had the same idea. His complete quote was: “We can only love what we know, and we can … Read more

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland’s English Text in Small Catechism Memory Cards releases Small Catechism Memory Cards in an eighth translation, the 1999 Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland translation in English. This English text of the Small Catechism is copyrighted by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland by whose permission and generosity this new resource is given freely to the world. This free resource lets anyone print … Read more

Yshnog – Another Great Catechism Memory Aid, from Bob Myers

While visiting Immanuel Lutheran Church in Pensacola, Florida earlier this year, my online friend, and friend of, Bob Myers, presented me with a copy of another great Catechism memory aid, which I have temporarily dubbed Yshnog. What is Yshnog? If you asked the question, what is The First Commandment, the answer would be Yshnog, … Read more