God Hears Me Pray — Free Prayer Folder for Children

LutheranCatechism.com has created a little folder of prayers that children can pray, titled “God Hears Me Pray.” This resources is a two-page PDF file. Download it. Print one page on one side of ordinary letter sized card stock, and the other page on the other side. Then fold it in the manner that a church bulletin might be folded.

The folder is illustrated in the photographs at the bottom of this post.

This folder starts on the front page as folded with three scriptures comforting children that God loves to hear them pray.

God loves to hear you pray

The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to little children.
Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me.”
Your angels always see the face of your Father in heaven.

Then it presents the Lord’s Prayer, after telling them that Dr. Luther said, “God loves to hear it.”

On the back page as folded, it provides:

  • Morning Prayer
  • Evening Prayer
  • Before Eating
  • After Eating

On the two inside pages it provides:

  • Thanksgiving for Baptism
  • Baptized Life
  • Mercy
  • Confession and Forgiveness
  • Lamb of God
  • Glory
  • Thanksgiving for Parents
  • Duty of Children
  • Preachers and Teachers
  • Repentance
  • Thanks and Trust
  • Be Near
  • Little Sparrow

This assortment of prayers shows children how they can prayer prayers from Luther’s Small Catechism, from the liturgy, from customary prayers that have been popular in the Lutheran church, and that keep them conscious of their Baptism. It helps prepare children for their participation in and understanding of the Divine Service.

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