Video — Lord’s Prayer Puzzle Idea Catching On, Nicole Schulert

Facebook group member Nicole Schulert posted in the group:

Thanks for the Lord’s Prayer idea! We did it with a stopwatch for fun. Since we only have one strong reader so far, it took 3m40s to put it in order, but they can’t wait to try again tomorrow.

She was referring to a post by another Facebook group member, Melissa Sutton. Melissa has a creative method for teaching her young son the Lord’s Prayer. She printed the prayer and sliced it into a little more than a dozen ribbons of paper. Each ribbon has a portion of the prayer. Then she asks her son to find the ribbon that begins the prayer, When he finds it, he moves that ribbon into a second column, and she has him read what is printed on it,

Then she asks him, “What’s next?” He sifts through the remaining ribbons to find the one that has the next part of the prayer. He moves that ribbon into the second column, and she has him read what is on that ribbon. You can see her video and the blog post about it here.

There can be variations in how this is done, and it is also nice to see how it works out with children in a group and children of different ages. So we asked Nichole to video her use of the Lord’s Prayer puzzle. She generously did that for us, and shares it with you below.

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