Luther Catechizing on the Law in Its Fierceness – 6th Commandment

The Sixth Commandment Transgressors:

He who ruins a virgin, commits adultery, incest or any unchaste act;

He who is guilty of the monosexual crime or of any of the nameless crimes against nature;

He who by impure conversation, songs, stories or pictures incites and evinces evil lust;

He who arouses his passions and pollutes himself by unlawful objects of vision or touch, by thought or suggestion.

He who fails to remove the causes of the evil under consideration: intemperate eating and drinking, sluggishness, aversion to work, late rising and undue familiarity between man and woman;

The person who arouses the passions of others by lewd dress or gestures;

He who acts as accessory for others by offering the use of his house or by furnishing shelter, help and opportunity to commit this sin;

He who does not, in word and deed, safeguard the chastity of others.

Luther’s Two Catechisms Explained by Himself, trans. John Nicholas Lenker, p. 198 (Minneapolis: The Luther Press, 1908).

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