Video — Mom has creative and simple method to teach the Lord’s Prayer to her young son

Facebook group member Melissa Sutton has a creative method for teaching her young son the Lord’s Prayer. When I first saw this video, I thought, “That is as slick as greased lightning! Why haven’t I ever seen that before?”

She printed the prayer and sliced it into a little more than a dozen ribbons of paper. Each ribbon has a portion of the prayer. Then she asks her son to find the ribbon that begins the prayer, When he finds it, he moves that ribbon into a second column, and she has him read what is printed on it,

Then she asks him, “What’s next?” He sifts through the remaining ribbons to find the one that has the next part of the prayer. He moves that ribbon into the second column, and she has him read what is on that ribbon.

This sequence of “What’s next,” moving the ribbon, and reading it is continued until he has assembled the whole prayer.

She frequently encourages him. When he finds the right ribbon that has the next part of the prayer, she usually says something like, “Good job!”

This is a pretty ingenious teaching method. Moms, please try this and give us your feedback. We’d especially like to see all the videos of this and other methods of teaching the Catechism that we can get our hands on.

And Dads, there is no reason why you shouldn’t or couldn’t be doing this too. It is as simple as falling off a log, and we all can do that.


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