The Quiet Crisis of Catechesis, Part 2, Published on Brothers of John the Steadfast

Brothers of John the Steadfast has published Part 2 in its serialization of William E. Thompson, “Catechesis: The Quiet CrisisConcordia Theological Quarterly 56  (1992) No. 2-3: 99-121. This serialization is published with the kind permission gladly given by the editor of Concordia Theological Quarterly .

Part 2 defines and describes the nature of the crisis.

In Part 2, the late Rev. Thompson sets out the following:

Part 2 I. Nature of the Crisis
A. The Church Today versus the Church Catholic
B. Luther’s Catechesis versus Catechesis Today
1. Catechesis and the Christian Life in General
2. Catechesis and Worship

Part 3 will identify the causes of the crisis. Head on over to Brothers of John the Steadfast to see this important discussion.

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