One Church-Year Catechism Reading Plan

Previously this site presented “One Simple Weekly Catechism Reading Plan.” We also offered a bulletin insert for promoting that plan.

When one pastor saw that plan discussed on Facebook, he sent a private message. He said he liked that weekly plan and that in his own private devotions, he too covered a chief part of the Small Catechism every day. But, he said, in the family setting, he found it a bit much with his young daughter. He said:

I have devised a schedule spreading out Small Catechism readings over the course of the church year. I think it is a good thing because not only does it reestablish the Small Catechism in the home, but it is also reasserting the Church’s time over the school year and other secular ways we measure our time. I think the schedule adds another structural benefit to home catechesis. I have found it immensely helpful with my family.

This pastor sent me a copy of his schedule, and it does just what he said. For young children, this is like spoon sized shredded wheat instead of the whole biscuit (if you remember those, wax paper and all). He solved the problem.

I asked permission to publish his church-year catechism reading plan. He replied:

Yes, go ahead, and do not credit me.  I consider this more a “discovery” on my part rather than anything I invented.  It pieced itself together marvelously.  Sundays frequently skipped during the church year have Table of Duties passages which I think can be safely omitted from time to time.

Add him to the ranks of the No-Name Evangelistic Association. I would like to credit him, but not doing so was his stipulation. Our Father knows who he is, and you can pray that our Father will bless mightily his catechetical practice in private, with his family, and in his congregation.

Here is his plan, which will be a good fit for many of you.

Luther’s Small Catechism Schedule for the Home
“As the head of the family should teach it in a simple way to his household.”

Advent 1 1st Commandment and Meaning
Advent 2 2nd Commandment and Meaning
Advent 3 3rd Commandment and Meaning
Advent 4 4th Commandment and Meaning
Christmas 1 5th Commandment and Meaning
Christmas 2 Duties – To Bishops, Pastors, and Preachers
(1 Timothy 3:2-4, 1 Timothy 3:6, Titus 1:9)
Epiphany 1 Duties – What Hearers Owe Their Pastors
(1 Cor. 9:14, Galatians 6:5-7, 1 Tim 5:17-18)
Epiphany 2 Duties – What Hearers Owe Their Pastors
(1 Thess. 5:12-13, Hebrews 13:17)
Epiphany 3 Duties – Of Civil Government (Romans 13:1-4)
Epiphany 4 Duties – Of Citizens
(Matt. 22:21, Romans 13:5-7, 1 Tim. 2:1-3)
Epiphany 5 Duties – Of Citizens (Titus 3:1, 1 Peter 2:13-14)
Transfiguration 6th Commandment and Meaning
Septuagesima 7th Commandment and Meaning
Sexagesima 8th Commandment and Meaning
Quinquagesima 9th Commandment and Meaning
Lent 1 10th Commandment and Meaning
Lent 2 Close of Commandments and Meaning
Lent 3 Review of Ten Commandments
Lent 4 First Article of Creed and Meaning
Lent 5 First Article of Creed and Meaning
Palm Sunday Second Article of Creed and Meaning
Easter Second Article of Creed and Meaning
Easter 2 Third Article of Creed and Meaning
Easter 3 Third Article of Creed and Meaning
Easter 4 Introduction to Lord’s Prayer and Meaning
Easter 5 First Petition and Catechism Questions
Easter 6 Second Petition and Catechism Questions
Easter 7 Third Petition and Catechism Questions
Pentecost Fourth Petition and Catechism Questions
Trinity Sunday Fifth Petition and Meaning
Trinity 1 Sixth Petition and Meaning
Trinity 2 Seventh Petition and Meaning
Trinity 3 Conclusion of Lord’s Prayer and Meaning
Trinity 4 Sacrament of Baptism – First Questions
Trinity 5 Sacrament of Baptism – Second Questions
Trinity 6 Sacrament of Baptism – Third Question
Trinity 7 Sacrament of Baptism – Fourth Questions
Trinity 8 Confession – What is Confession?
Trinity 9 Confession – What sins should we confess?
Trinity 10 Confession – Which ae these?
Trinity 11 Confession – What is the Office of the Keys?
Trinity 12 Confession – Where is this written?
Trinity 13 Confession – What do you believe according to these words?
Trinity 14 Sacrament of the Altar – What is the Sacrament of the Altar?
Trinity 15 Sacrament of the Altar – Where is this written?
Trinity 16 Sacrament of the Altar – What is the benefit of this eating and drinking?
Trinity 17 Sacrament of the Altar – How can bodily eating and drinking do such great things?
Trinity 18 Sacrament of the Altar – Who receives this Sacrament Worthily?
Trinity 19 Duties – To Husbands (1 Peter 3:7, Colossians 3:19)
Trinity 20 Duties – To Wives (Ephesians 5:22, 1 Peter 3:5-6)
Trinity 21 Duties – To Parents (Ephesians 6:4)
Trinity 22 Duties – To Children (Ephesians 6:4)
Trinity 23 Duties – To Workers of All Kinds (Ephesians 6:5-8)
Trinity 24 Duties – To Employers and Supervisors (Eph. 6:9)
Trinity 25 Duties – To Youth (1 Peter 5:5-6)
Trinity 26 Duties – To Widows (1 Timothy 5:5-6)
Last Sunday Duties – To Everyone (Romans 13:9, 1Timothy 2:1)

4 thoughts on “One Church-Year Catechism Reading Plan

  1. That looks good. Now, how does he execute it? Dies he read the item, discuss it, then read the answer? Does he read the item and the answer, them discuss it? How does he teach the lesson. I think, based on one of your earlier surveys on this, that a lot of guys felt intimidated because they did not know how to present the material in such a way that it would not be full and lifeless, when they want it to be stimulating and engaging.

  2. Yes, it would be interesting to know if these were printed in the bulletin and how they were referred to in the service or sent home in a weekly flyer to use in the household.

  3. Good idea connecting to church Year. Perhaps this will encourage use of small catechism as Luther’s preface, for head of household to teach his children.
    Memoriaze, review, individually and at family altar, especially working with catechumens
    Related Bible verses and Scripture references, for exposition and application.
    Pastoral worksheets.
    Especially helpful working to review with Reformation 500, the English Heritage Version
    Always worked with catechumens to complete in one year, but varying approach.
    Lord’s Prayer can also be used for a review of the other principle parts.
    Address,1st Article, …..
    1st Petition, Natural and Revealed Knowledge of God, Law and Gospel…..
    2nd Petition, 2nd and 3rd Articles, ….
    .3rd Petition , 2-3Articles and Commandments,
    4th petition, 1st article ……Stewardship of material blessings.
    last three, Sacraments and Ministry of Keys, and Confession
    No need to publish this.
    Perhaps you’d wish to adapt some of it for your use?
    Comment, prior, about engaging, would, of course, depend on pastor, or parent to apply.

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