Mom Moment – Wiggling, squirming, but who almost jumped out of her chair?

Member of our Facebook group, Laura Enerson Castro, shared this, and I am calling it a Mom Moment. With her permission, it is shared here also.

I thought I’d share our latest attempt at teaching our 3.5 year old. Yesterday at breakfast I went through the first two petitions of the Lord’s Prayer. He wiggled and squirmed and talked to himself, I got frustrated and plowed through. No way was he listening. At supper my husband was home and asked him what he learned. “I learned that God is our Father in heaven and that we can ask him and pray to him.” I almost jumped out of my seat!

We need to hear more of these Mom Moments, and experiences of fathers too. It would be especially helpful to share “the how” of what people are doing to teach the Catechism. Lots of people would like to know what others are doing or trying.

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