Strategery — Why is this?

I have been burying the lead. The front page has been sporting the core points of Dr. Martin Luther’s Preface to the Small Catechism. As great as that is, that does not say why this website exists. Some recent behind the scenes projects of have caused me to realize this. So the front page … Read more

The Quiet Crisis of Catechesis, Part 3, Published on Brothers of John the Steadfast

Brothers of John the Steadfast has published Part 3 in its serialization of William E. Thompson, “Catechesis: The Quiet Crisis” Concordia Theological Quarterly 56  (1992) No. 2-3: 99-121. This serialization is published with the kind permission gladly given by the editor of Concordia Theological Quarterly . Part 3 identifies the causes of the crisis. The late Rev. … Read more

Video – Mom helps young children memorize Third Article, Lord’s Prayer Introduction & 1st Petition

This is another encouraging video of home catechization provided to us by our Facebook group member, Melissa Sutton. In this video, we see that young children can learn to memorize the Catechism. A very young boy recites the Third Article and its meaning. He and his older sister recite the Introduction of the Lord’s Prayer, … Read more

Luther deliberately reorganized the creedal material to concentrate on the saving work of the Triune God for us — Charles P. Arand

Luther deliberately reorganized the creedal material, without altering the wording, by reducing the twelve articles (corresponding to the twelve apostles) common in the late Middle Ages to the three articles common in the early church. More than a desire for historical accuracy on Luther’s part accounts for this rearrangement. He wanted to concentrate the catechumen’s … Read more

Video – Mom leads two young children in opening of daily devotions – “Hey, I can do that!”

For many of us, video is such a good way to learn not only how to do things, but more basically, that we can do it. The thought of fixing our home’s propane furnace intimidated me. But we have YouTube. Seeing it done did two things for me: 1.   It got me over the psychological … Read more

Free ! –– Bulletin Inserts — Large Catechism Readings for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter provides without charge bulletin inserts for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter that present readings from Luther’s Large Catechism. The selections are edited from the Meissner schedule for the one-year lectionary. Simply download and print the inserts. Links to the collection of inserts are listed below in this post, but first here is an explanation … Read more

Reader Recommendation — Teach These Things: Catechesis for the Lutheran Parish, Lincoln Winter

Member of our Facebook group, Bob Myers, recommended Teach These Things: Catechesis for the Lutheran Parish, by Lincoln Winters. published on LuLu. A catechesis that follows Luther’s outline for instruction. Prayerful and practical. Simple without being simplistic. This curriculum is appropriate for children, teens and adults. It can be used as an introduction to the faith, … Read more